Vintage Party Opening season

zaterdag 12 oktober 2019

Locatie en contactgegevens

Vintage Party Opening season
place de la chapelle, 6
1000 Brussel
Route plannen


Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long time, a very looong time..but it is a honour, a pleasure, a joy to announce you that Bonfa and his Vintage Party! will be soooooon back in town for an awesome season of fun, dance and love!

Saturday 12th of October @ Barrio Café

The concept is of course nice and easy as usual ;D:
Tired of noisy nights with sclerotic music where you can barely enjoy dance and melody?
Then be ready to swing on the dance floor through the intense atmospheres DJ Bonfa's magic mix '60, '70, '80 and '90 music: funk, surf, rock, soul, disco, indie, lentos...100% vintage!

Turning, waving, drinking, sweating, shouting, kissing..again and again all night long!

Fun and love assured...

Where: Barrio Café (place de la Chapelle 6)
Metro and Tram Station: CENTRAL/CENTRAAL