Rock Around Atomium

zaterdag 5 mei 2018 t.e.m. zondag 6 mei 2018

Locatie en contactgegevens

Rock Around Atomium
Atomium Brussels
Boulevard du Centenaire
1020 Brussels
Route plannen


Rock Around The Atomium presents its fourth edition for the 60th anniversary of the Atomium:

? Live bands and dj's to make you dance, scream and shout the whole weekend! Vintage market provided with vintage and retro-inspired clothing stalls, vinyl records and furnitures.
Dozens of old timers will be exhibited along the aisles of the Atomium.
Let's go back to the time when Brussels Brusselait and celebrate our mythical Atomium ! ?

DJ BOULE, with his mix of classic rock'n'roll, he will make you jive and roll!
Dj Cat'sou Djhotstuff will ravish all the crazy boppers with his authentic 50's rockabilly and honky tonk music!
This year we have the pleasure of presenting two young and promising dj's :
Dj Pebbles, with her jungle beat and 60's popcorn, she will bring shiver and "Fever" in your bones.
Dj Torpado, will make you move and relive the Expo 58, with his selection of international and original records, doowop, twist, bref, que du "Bon Bazar" !