Béthune Rétro Officiel

vrijdag 26 augustus 2022 t.e.m. zondag 28 augustus 2022

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Béthune Rétro Officiel
Grand Place
62400 Bethune
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The last weekend of August, the rock festival "Retro Bethune" invests the city center making the heart beat of the city to the rhythm of rock'n'roll standards and roar of big cars.

"Bethune Retro" has become undoubtedly the major event of the season, and one of the most emblematic festivals of the region. Its popularity exceeded our borders!

For 3 days in a fifties atmosphere, thousands of visitors stroll, stopped by gatherings of hotrod or ancient European cars.
Friday kicks sending this appointment, which has now become unavoidable. A taste of the weekend: 3 scenes, 27 concerts, 1 theater, 1 vintage market, 1 camping ... all free!

Programming is done hinge between scenes of Grand Place, Place du 73rd, Place République and Place Rabin. Minder weergeven